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Dispel These Tooth Whitening Myths Before Visiting a Local Dentist

After years of drinking coffee or smoking, your teeth may have begun to discolor. While not necessarily an oral health concern, discolored teeth can make you conscious about your smile and prevent you from showing off your teeth.

Luckily, a trusted dentist can provide tooth whitening services so that you can restore the pearly-white look of your teeth. You can select from in-office treatment or custom whitening trays that you can use at home, so you can choose the most convenient option for you. Read more from this blog:


Are Whitening Strips Effective? A Local Dentist Offers His Opinion

Whether you like or not, your pearly whites won’t remain pearly white forever. Teeth naturally become discolored due to aging, gradually turning into a yellow-brown hue over time. It doesn’t help that much-loved beverages like soda or tea constantly stain your teeth.

If you’ve looked in the mirror and found yourself unsatisfied with your chompers’ color, you may have thought about buying whitening strips, which popular over-the-counter solutions promising markedly whiter teeth in a matter of weeks. You aren’t alone, though–given their relatively affordable price, it’s not surprising that consumers have bought them in droves.

But are tooth whitening strips truly worth your time and money? A respected Greenville dentist says that while there are merits to using these DIY whiteners, professional tooth whitening is still the best option. Read more on this article:

Competent Greenville Dentist: Whitening Options for Discolored Teeth

The clear white teeth you were so proud of back in college have now darkened after several years of smoking. Peer pressure and work stress could have induced you into the unhealthy habit of smoking while your dental and oral health paid the price. If you can’t quit right now yet aspire to have a flawless set of teeth, you may consult a local cosmetic dentist first to restore your attractive smile.

These days, cosmetic dentistry has various treatments like veneers and bonding to improve and restore damaged teeth. Bleaching or teeth whitening remain popular among many because of the available whitening agents that they can buy for home use. Different whitening options using the latest technologies are also offered in established dental offices today with a competent Greenville dentist to identify and administer the right one for you. Read more on this article:

Prolong the Results of Professional Teeth Whitening from Your Dentist

Whenever you see celebrities walk down the red carpet during award ceremonies, it can be difficult not to notice how beautiful their smiles are. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a Hollywood A-lister to have a red carpet smile. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with your dentist in Greenville, SC.

Many dental practices in Greenville, such as Falls Park Dentistry, offer professional teeth whitening treatments that look better and last longer than the usual over-the-counter teeth whitening products you find at your local pharmacy. In fact, the reason why so many celebrities have white-hot smiles is because of professional teeth whitening.

Tooth Whitening from a Greenville Dentist: How to Make Results Last

Smiling does more than just show people that you’re happy. According to scientific studies, people who have a brilliant and dazzling smile are perceived to be more attractive and successful than people who do not smile as much. Unfortunately, our teeth tend to take on a more yellowish hue as we get older.

If you are insecure about the shade of your teeth, all hope is not lost. Due to advances in dental technology, you can achieve brilliant, white teeth by visiting your Greenville, SC dentist. From take-home tooth whitening trays to technology like Zoom In-Office Whitening, many trusted dentists like Dr. Brian Derrick of Falls Park Dentistry are able to provide patients with tooth whitening treatments that yield exceptional results.

On Teeth Whitening and Other Dental Treatments for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can bring about a huge number of physical changes, and they’re not always on the positive side—recurrent back pains, fat buildup in the arms and ankles, and hormonal fluctuations. When such changes occur, simple joys from having a white and healthy smile seems a fairly acceptable trade-off. Still, the question remains: can pregnant women visit a local dentist operating in the Greenville area and elsewhere and have their teeth cosmetically treated?
The answer is somewhat complicated. So far, there’s been no scientific research proving that teeth whitening for expectant mothers is good or bad, though several makers of whitening products recommend that pregnant women avoid their products for the meantime. Some dentists have also advised their patients to wait until after pregnancy before they can use over-the-counter whitening products.

Greenville Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening DIY Remedies Can’t Beat

The new finding, however, does not make strawberries completely useless because they still contain healthy amounts of malic acid which, though corrosive, can help whiten teeth. However, anyone who wishes to have shining and clean pearly whites is better off seeing an experienced Greenville dentist such as Dr. Brian Derrick of Falls Spark Dentistry for highly effective professional teeth whitening. One of the best options these days is the Zoom in-office treatment, which is guaranteed to penetrate and fight off all kinds of tooth stains.
Tooth stains are classified as extrinsic (think plaque and tartar buildup from leftover food) and intrinsic (e.g. chemicals found in coffee and certain medications). Theoretically, ‘extrinsic stains’ can be removed by almost anything since they’re only found on the tooth’s outer layer. Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, require more effort since they’re found deep within the tooth’s inner layer or dentin.

Greenville, SC Dentist can Give You the Best Teeth Whitening Results

Dr. Katz also recommends green tea, strawberries, and dark chocolate to those who yearn for whiter teeth. That said, these basic remedies pale in comparison to the more extensive Zoom in-office teeth whitening treatments provided by a reputable Greenville dentist like Dr. Brian R. Derrick. A Zoom treatment involves the application of hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on the patient’s teeth, which is then ‘activated’ by a light source over the course of three 15-minute sessions. A fluoride paste is then applied on the teeth to reduce sensitivity. If things proceed as planned, the entire treatment shouldn’t take more than an hour to finish.

Prior to any Zoom treatment, an experienced Greenville, SC dentist will first need to conduct a dental exam. Screening helps ensure that patients with sensitive teeth, worn enamels, or dental trauma do not suffer any adverse effects as a result of the procedure.