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Cosmetic Dentistry in Greenville, SC: Treatments, Trends, and Devices

A couple of reality shows have given us a glimpse of how a dentist can transform anyone’s crooked grin into the beautiful smile that they have always dreamed about. Most of our favorite A-list celebrities today owe their famous smiles to cosmetic dental procedure, no doubt inspiring thousands of fans to achieve the same for their own.

While a traditional dentist is more focused on the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of oral diseases, a cosmetic dentist focuses on enhancing the appeerance of a person’s mouth, teeth, and smile. Basically, they provide elective treatments or services.


On Teeth Whitening and Other Dental Treatments for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can bring about a huge number of physical changes, and they’re not always on the positive side—recurrent back pains, fat buildup in the arms and ankles, and hormonal fluctuations. When such changes occur, simple joys from having a white and healthy smile seems a fairly acceptable trade-off. Still, the question remains: can pregnant women visit a local dentist operating in the Greenville area and elsewhere and have their teeth cosmetically treated?
The answer is somewhat complicated. So far, there’s been no scientific research proving that teeth whitening for expectant mothers is good or bad, though several makers of whitening products recommend that pregnant women avoid their products for the meantime. Some dentists have also advised their patients to wait until after pregnancy before they can use over-the-counter whitening products.