Located at 104 North Main Street in the heart of downtown Greenville, Falls Park Dentistry, a Cosmetic and Family Dental Practice, provides extended hours to allow you to schedule your dental appointments around your work or school schedule. As an added convenience, the office accepts all dental insurances and files the claims for you.

Dr. Brian R. Derrick and his dedicated team have brought the latest technology to downtown Greenville to enhance their ability to diagnose issues early and provide the most effective treatment possible. Some patients call Dr. Derrick’s latest addition the Magic Wand, but no matter what you call it, The Wand delivers the most painless dental anesthetic possible.

The relaxing atmosphere of the waiting room is a great place to sit and read, but the team works hard to ensure that you do not spend very much of your precious time waiting. In the treatment rooms, heated aromatherapy neck pillows and ergonomic dental chairs put you at ease. You will also enjoy the complimentary paraffin hand wax treatments offered during cleaning appointments. The only thing better than the relaxing experience is the high quality of dental care you will receive.


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